Saturday, July 03, 2004

Dave Attell

Mr. Attell is nothing short of a phenominally funny comedian. Everything from the construction of his jokes to his incredibly well-timed delivery lets you know he's been at this for a while. The show that has brought him fame, Insomniac, is an excellent vehicle for his real gift which is to make fun of someone to their face in such a nice and funny way that they don't even realize they're being made to look like an ass.

The formula for Insomniac has gotten a bit stale as of late, and attempts are being made to spice it up (hour long specials, foreign countries etc.), but the format really doesn't work too well overseas, and Dave's anonymity combined with American's desire to be on television is the combination that worked the best.

All that aside, Dave Attell easily makes any list I would make of best standup comedians of all time.

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